Hilarious Cats “Welcome” Their Troops Home

Service members sacrifice a lot to serve and protect our country. One of the biggest things they give up is time with their loved ones while they are away at training, on the job, or deployed overseas. Seeing men and women of the Armed Forces come home to greet their loved ones is always amazing, and the raw emotions that often are on display are what make military homecoming videos so popular and great to watch!

Of course, that all depends on whether or not a soldier’s loved ones are actually excited to see them return — or noticed that they were gone to begin with!

In this hilarious video made for YouTube, soldiers are “welcomed” home by their pet cats. Unlike many videos of excited dogs that jump for joy when their owners return after months away, these felines seem indifferent at best. It’s one of the funniest military homecoming videos you’ve ever seen!

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cat welcome 1

Cats are notorious for being fickle, and it doesn’t help that they’re largely independent, as well. That makes for rather lackluster homecomings most of the time. To be sure, there are plenty of affectionate cats who greet their owners when they come home at the end of the day, but felines certainly don’t enjoy the reputation that dogs do for that kind of behavior!

That’s certainly the case with these pet cats who refuse to give their hero owners a proper and affectionate greeting!

cat welcome 3

Try not to laugh too hard watching this hilarious video! The service members in the video certainly have a good sense of humor about their pets (they would have to with this sort of reaction). Be sure to share it with your friends so they can get a good laugh out of it, as well.

After watching this one, click the link below it to see a video of a dog giving his soldier a hero’s welcome home!

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