Hilarious Kitty Conversation

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For people, talking to one another is the most natural thing in the world. Conversation is a fantastic part of life for us, but what about for our furry animal friends? Can they actually talk to each other like we can?

Well, in this video there are two adorable cats that seem to be doing exactly the same thing that two friends might do if they were also sitting on a window sill, looking out into the yard.

Screen Shot: YouTube/TeleporterDown

Screen Shot: YouTube/TeleporterDown

But what in the world would two cats ever have to talk about? How bad they think their cat food is? Maybe they are talking about new ways to escape to the outdoors so they can have a fun day of hunting rodents. All we know is that this kitty conversation is absolutely fantastic!

Screen Shot: YouTube/TeleporterDown

Screen Shot: YouTube/TeleporterDown

Check out their hilarious conversation in the video below!

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