This Is The Fantastic Power Of A Modern American Aircraft Carrier

In this brief video you will get a clear sense of the power a modern American aircraft carrier can bring to bear on the enemy. You will also recognize the awesome efficiency with which one of these ships can launch its warplanes and send them into action. It is really quite impressive.

This video was taken on the USS Carl Vinson, the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 1 based in San Diego. What you are watching here is the launching of all of her fighters while operating during Operation Inherent Resolve.

The amount of destructive power that is put into the air in such a brief time is incredible. And it is done with such mind-blowing professional efficiency and order. And this is only one of our carriers! The United States Navy is a force to be reconed with, if you want to cause harm to the innocent, or to freedom around the world.

Honor and respect to the flight deck crews and to the air wing of the USS Carl Vinson!

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