The Most Requested Items For Military Care Packages

To a deployed service member, a care package can mean the world. Getting mail in a foreign land with news from home is one comfort, but a box of goodies is quite another.

Some time ago, Redditor rcmaudlin asked his fellow service members on the web forum about their favorite items to find in those precious packages.

“My brother is on his 2nd deployment in Afghanistan & I want to send him a care package,” he posted. “To Redditors who have been deployed, what are the things you used or enjoyed the most during deployment?”

With no shortage of opinions, hundreds of other Redditors responded with their own tips for packing the perfect care package. Here’s a list of our favorites:

10. Juice Pouches

Several suggest sending packets of powdered drink mix, whether it be juice or tea. Redditor ChrisF79 said it’s probably one of the easiest ways to find sweet refreshment, and when you’re under layers of body armor in the middle of the desert.

“I had a buddy deployed and I went to the store and just bought a ton of random things. However, the one thing that he raved about was the Kool Aid,” he posted. “I got the kind that already has the sugar mixed in (think Country Time Lemonade style) that he could just pour straight into water. Plus, when you send stuff, try and send stuff he can share. My impression is that those guys are pretty nice about sharing with their friends.”

9. Fresh Sheets

“When I was deployed, the best thing I ever received was freshly washed sheets that smelled like the laundry my wife did,” one Redditor posted.

While that may seem like a stretch to keep warm sheets arriving by air mail on the regular, a fresh pair can really mean a lot to someone so far from home. Who knows when the next good night sleep will be.

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