The Lockheed C-5B Galaxy Is A Massive Aircraft, And It’s Barreling Down A Short Runway

Everything in me screams, “This thing won’t fly.” Even at a distance it seems to take up the whole horizon. This is the very definition of a behemoth. The C5-B Galaxy is one incredible flying machine.

Watch this beast taxi down to the takeoff runway. Everything about it says, “BIG.” It’s tail is stories tall. It’s wingspan, it’s body size and length are simply massive. It doesn’t look graceful, but it is the essence of power. Listen to its engines wind up to screaming decibels as it starts down the runway.

At first it looks like a lumbering mass of metal seemingly struggling to get down the tarmac, but that is all illusion. This huge plane is so powerful, so well designed, it needs only a short half of the runway before it lifts skyward and roars overhead. If this doesn’t impress, nothing will.

Those Air Force pilots must get a real kick out of flying these powerful birds. Their immense power and size makes them truly important assets to our military’s ability to move heavy equipment, artillery, tanks, and so much more, quickly to any part of the world. The fact that they can land and take off in such short distances only heightens their value.

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