BYU Students Helping to Identify the Remains of MIAs from WWII to the Present

It is gratifying to know that our government takes the military code of leaving no man behind very seriously. The Defense Department POW/MIA Accounting Office has been conducting this effort for many decades now and they are becoming more successful with each passing year.

This agency has various teams with varying skill sets that research and use all manner of information in their constant search to find and identify the remains of our military whose names still appear on the Missing in Action lists from WWII to the present. You will see how those teams work together to find and to identify our MIAs.

The advances in DNA science and in archeology, for example have improved the agencies ability to succeed in these difficult efforts to account for each and every one of our MIAs and to reunite them with their families.

Source: YouTube/Brigham Young University
BBYU students are identifying MIA troops from as far back as WWII.

But this video is also about how the students at one American university are also helping in this effort to identify MIAs. They are students at Brigham Young University (BYU).

Source: YouTube/Brigham Young University

The students are learning how to use the vast store of genealogical information that is available in their library to help the researchers at the POW/MIA Accounting Agency to reunite these MIAs with their families. They are able to find living members of those who went Missing in Action as far back as WWII, which can be difficult because the immediate nuclear family members might be deceased as well by this time.

Source: YouTube/Brigham Young University

This program for students at BYU is wonderful for the families of the MIAs, but it is also wonderful for the students who are participating in it. It is an opportunity to both learn an important skill, and serve a higher cause.

The Veterans Site respects and honors what the Defense Department’s POW/MIA Accounting Agency is doing to honor both those listed as MIA and their families. We also send our thanks to BYU and to the BYU students who have chosen to be a part of this important effort. May they become even more successful in their efforts in the coming years.

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