‘We Build. We Fight.’ A Most Fitting Motto for the Navy Seabees

The U.S. Navy’s Construction Battalions, otherwise known as Seabees, are among the most unsung, yet most important elements of the Navy’s vast array of assets.

The Seabees motto is, “We build. We fight.” They have a storied history that goes back to WWII and have become a vital component in the Navy’s arsenal in wartime as well as in times of need around the world.

These Navy Construction Battalions bring all of the skills of the construction trades to the battlefield, from carpenters, to electricians and plumbers, to heavy equipment operators. You need it? they will build it. Because their skills are needed often in wartime situations, they are also well trained in the necessary arts of war fighting. Navy Seabees have proven themselves in both areas many times over the years from WWII to the present. Because they are often at the front, many have paid the ultimate price while fighting alongside their brothers and sisters-in-arms.

Seabees are well trained and can bring to any situation a spirit of adaptability to any situation. They can build whatever is needed, from buildings, to airstrips, to hospital facilities including all of the necessary infrastructure, and have it up and running with speed and efficiency. Some are trained to do underwater construction work as well. From small teams to entire battalion size units the Seabees bring intelligence, flexibility and skill to everything they do.

These same Seabees bring those skills to places all around the world whenever called upon through the vast reach and speed of the United States Navy. They have been called on to help in countless incidences of natural disaster and wherever humanitarian assistance is needed immediately.

The Seabees work is most often done behind the scenes, and is not generally covered in the headlines, but their skills have often made the difference between death and survival in many of the world’s humanitarian crises and natural disasters by swiftly providing secure buildings, clean medical facilities, clean water supplies and systems for those in need.

These Seabees have proven their worth in war and peace many times over.

The Veterans Site expresses both gratitude and respect to all those who have served and those who are currently serving in the U.S. Navy Seabees. We say to them,

“Keep on building and fighting, Seabees!”

Though you are few, your honor is great. And we will never forget those from your ranks who have given their all in service to the nation and those in need.

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