Brothers Of Fallen Soldier Take Beautiful Photos With His Baby

Life can be difficult when you are in the military and have a young family. That is what U.S. Army Specialist Chris Harris was facing but he had every reason to come home, with a new baby on the way.

Unfortunately, he was killed when his convoy in Afghanistan was attacked by a suicide bomber. Two days earlier, Britt, his wife, called him to tell him he was going to be a dad.

Like any loving father-to-be, Harris was excited about the new baby on the way. When he was told about it, he teared up and his “brothers” with the 2nd Battalion, 504th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division were excited for him.

Photo: Facebook / Chris Harris

On March 17, 2018, Christian Michelle was born. She had been named in honor of the father she would never meet.

There are some memories that were saved for her, such as many pictures of him, his family, and the soldiers with which he served.

Photo: Facebook / Pinehurst Photography

That has been almost 3 years ago and the soldiers of the “Devil Brigade” are now back in America again. When they came home, several got together with Kendra Lee of Pinehurst Photography for a photoshoot.

According to CBS News, some 20 men came in full military dress uniforms for the moment. They had a special “My Daddy, my hero” onesie made for the little girl.

There are many wonderful pictures from the collection, including one special picture of Christian in the hands of the soldiers. The little girl is holding an American flag and it really shows what is in the heart of everyone at the event.

Photo: Facebook / Pinehurst Photography
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