Watch As This Old Bridge Survives A Demolition Attempt

What was supposed to be a simple bridge demolition in Arkansas turned into a massive, and hilarious, construction failure when the bridge didn’t come down.

It was supposed to be a simple demolition that would take less than a minute, but instead ended up taking hours for crews to tear it down into the river. The Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) was able to laugh at itself and the botched attempt by going on social media and calling it “The Day The Bridge Stood Still.”

The structure itself was a 93-year-old bridge connecting Little Rock and North Little Rock in Arkansas. Because of its age and condition, the bridge was scheduled to be demolished and then replaced. The AHTD crew set explosive demolition charges at key structural points on the bridge and, as a crowd looked on with anticipation, blew the charges. The bridge deemed too old and weak was supposed to simply fall into the water where it would pulled out piece by piece. But after the boom and the smoke the old bridge held its place. Instead of a crash there was laughter.

The AHTD used social media to poke fun at itself, using the hashtag #TheDayTheBridgeStoodStill to report on the demolition efforts. Cables were connected to the length of the bridge and tug boats pulled it down into the river.

AHTD posted online that “Persistence pays off!” In all, it took crews 5 hours to pull down the bridge that was originally thought to be too weary to remain standing.

The section of bridge finally coming down was caught on camera, as some spectators faithfully remained to see the effort all the way to the end. That can be seen below. There were two more demolition efforts on the bridge to bring it down in full, and the AHTD reported that the old bridge finally and successfully came down at the end of October.

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