Overcoming Obstacles: Sgt. Crystal Reidy Battles with Breast Cancer

Sgt. Crystal Reidy, a print journalist in the Arizona Army National Guard, has become familiar with overcoming obstacles, whether they be literal or metaphorical. The literal includes: the physical demands of military life, a beautiful son being born prematurely, the diagnosis of breast cancer, and, finally, seven months of chemotherapy.

The one obstacle that persists through each of Reidy’s experiences, however, is one that affects us all, one way or another: fear. As Reidy alludes to in the video below, it’s up to us how we deal with fear — aggressively, or defensively.

This veteran and breast cancer survivor is an amazing inspiration and her message of dealing with fear and overcoming obstacles should be heard by all! Be sure to watch the whole video below and then share it with your friends!

Watch this amazing woman talk more about how she has overcome so much.

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