Mom Falls To Her Knees When Soldier Son Unexpectedly Returns Home After 3 Years Away

An East Tennessee mom received the surprise of a lifetime for Mother’s Day that literally brought her to her knees.

Army Sergeant Brandon Lofties has served in the Army for nine years and had been stationed in Germany for the past three years. He and his mother, Ieesha, have a very close relationship, so their time apart was very difficult for her.

Lofties returned to the states for training in Columbus, Georgia at Fort Benning, and was close enough to make the trip to surprise his mom. His younger brothers helped him pull off the whole thing.

Lofties, the eldest of three siblings, walked into his family’s Cleveland, Tennessee home full of people and asked “Hey how y’all doing?” As soon as Leesha heard his voice, she immediately went into shock and dropped to her knees.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

She started screaming and crying and hugging her son, still in shock that he was actually standing there.

Lofties continued giving out hugs to the rest of his family members while Ieesha remained on the floor, still crying tears of joy.

“To hold and hug my son has been an every day prayer for me,” Ieesha told News Channel 9. “Especially with Europe being locked down, I didn’t think this moment would happen.”

This is definitely a Mother’s Day that Leesha will never forget!

Watch the heartwarming surprise reunion for yourself in the video below:

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