A Tiny Bracelet Turns into a Huge Surprise Seventy Years Later

This video will make you believe in miracles. It is a simple story about a simple, unadorned bracelet that was found by a poor, ten-year-old Italian girl whose home was used as a field hospital in a small village in Italy during the bad days of WWII. She kept it for 70 years as a treasure, but finally gave it to her son, who saw that it had belonged to an American soldier and began to make inquiries about him.

The bracelet belonged to a soldier with the 10th Mountain Division of the U.S. Army, which had been involved in the heavy fighting to take back the hills and mountains of central Italy from the Nazis. He came home and married, raised a family until his death some 20 years ago now.

Watch as his family receives and opens a small Christmas package sent to them from a village in Italy and find in it the bracelet he had worn while in Italy. For this family, in its own way, this was another homecoming for their soldier. You can see how much it meant to the family.

The Veterans Site wishes to send its thanks again to all who served in WWII. Your courage and commitment gave the world a chance to continue the long experiment in freedom that democracy has made possible to the world. We honor your memory.

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