Boys Riding Bikes Stop To Honor Veteran Funeral

Two boys are being praised after they were caught on camera stopping their bikes to honor a nearby funeral procession for a fallen veteran.

Jacqi Hornbach happened to be outside “enjoying the nice weather,” when she noticed the two boys riding around on their bikes.

She shared on Facebook that there was a funeral for a fallen veteran happening at a cemetery across the street from her near where the boys were riding.

Photo: flickr/Arlington National Cemetery

As soon as the boys noticed the flag of the deceased veteran, they “immediately stopped riding, got off their bikes, and stood with respect as TAPS was being played.”

Naturally, Jacqi had to snap a photo of the sweet moment and share it with the world:

I debated whether or not to post this, but with all the negative things going on, I thought this was needed. I was dog…

Posted by Jacqi Hornbach on Sunday, September 5, 2021

In the comments of her post, many people praised the boys and their parents for their level of respect.

It wasn’t long until the photos went viral as people from around the world were taken aback by the thoughtful actions of the young boys.

Posted by Jacqi Hornbach on Sunday, September 5, 2021

Some assumed the boys had been raised on a military base and that’s how they knew to pay their respects to the funeral procession, but Jacqi noted in the comments of her post that neither boy lived on base or had military parents.

I think Amber Fortino Castro summed it up great when she commented on the post, “This is what being American is all about! Thank-you to all of our Veterans. Thank-you to parents who raise their families to respect our true heros.”

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