You Won’t Believe What This Vet Bought When He Retired!

Once a Marine, always a Marine. 

This is a fantastic video about a Marine and his love for the plane he flew in support of his brother Marines on the ground, the Harrier.  Older Marines will remember it well.  It was a very fast, very powerful, close support fighter.  It could take off vertically as well as in the traditional manner.  I bet some of you Marines could tell some tales about it too.

When most of us think about a retirement plan it consist of moving to a warm climate or picking up a hobby you can do around the house or in the garage. Not for this retired Marine he decided that buying a Harrier would be his retirement project. Just like the rest of us it would not be possible with out the support of his loving wife. This is a great story.  All the elements are there. Passion, hard work, trials, doubts and final success.  It has legs too. Enjoy.

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