Boeing May Have Changed The Game With This Amazing New Helicopter

In Vietnam helicopters were a part of our everyday experiences. They came in many different platforms and had many different purposes. You got so used their different sounds and you could identify them long before you could see them. The early Apache gunships in Vietnam were sleek, lean, and mean looking machines that were heavily armed… and fast.

They provided powerful, aerial support for the grunts and ground-pounders when they found themselves in tough situations with the enemy. You always felt a little safer when you could hear them working above you. This amazing video gives you a sense of the technological advances that are a part of this new Apache Guardian helicopter. It is another animal altogether.

The technological advances have made it into vital support for the troops on the ground. They not only carry the fire-power necessary to do the job of close air support, but they can now act as kind of a localized central command and control platform, right where the action is taking place. Their computers can take in immense amounts of immediate data, analyze it, and give a full picture of battlefield dynamics.

They truly have become an intimate “eye-in-the-sky” for the troops on the ground.

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