Blackhawk Pilot Recalls Harrowing Events of Battle Of Mogadishu

When we talk about war from a distance we tend to romanticize, or exaggerate it. But when you are in the midst of it, there is nothing remotely romantic about it. And all the Hollywood exaggerations of war always fall short of the reality.

It’s always much worse, precisely because it is as real and frightening and horrifying as reality gets.

In this video you will meet the pilot of the helicopter that was shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia, which would later be dramatized in the movie “Blackhawk Down.” in his soft-spoken way he gives you some insight into the realities that go along with war fighting. This man survived a terrible crash after his helicopter was hit by enemy rockets. He was subsequently taken and held as a prisoner of war by the militiamen. His honesty and his clarity of personal insight will bring those realities into more light than any movie will ever be able to do.

Listen as he describes his own experience, his love and respect for the two soldiers who earned the Medal of Honor during that event in their fierce and violent efforts to retrieve this pilot from captivity. Listen also to his frank assessments about the reality of war. He is clear about the costs that we have to be willing to accept and to bear.

War is reality on steroids for those who must bear the responsibilities of fighting. This pilot and those who fought and those who died in the effort to free him deserve our greatest respect and thanks.

The Veterans Site wishes to express its deepest respect for our military and our veterans. We find it hard to express in words how much we honor your courage and commitment. You are the best among us. We thank you for protecting us and this great nation.

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