Beyond Man’s Best Friend: The Story Of Brad And Earl

Special and unique partnerships are forged while serving overseas. There is a camaraderie that exists between those who serve side by side, putting their lives on the line for their country, and often putting their lives in each other’s hands.

One special relationship developed between a man and a dog, a U.S. Marine named Brad and a military working dog named Earl, that transcended all other bonds. Together, Brad and Earl sniffed out hidden and buried explosives.

Then they were caught by the explosion of an IED one day, set off before they could clear the area. But Earl’s early warning of a bomb threat allowed Brad and the other men in his unit to avoid death with treatable injuries.

Unfortunately, Earl was hurt as well during the explosions, and during the commotion they lost track of each other. After Brad’s return to the United States, his sister made it her mission to find out where Earl ended up and to reunite the two old friends.

Where she found Earl and what happened next is absolutely incredible.

Hear their heartwarming story in the video below.

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