6 Mugs That Help Raise Money For People In Need!

Mugs are your best friend. They are little warriors, helping you through your mornings, afternoons, and nights. Whether you’re a tea drinker, a coffee-fiend, or part of the cocoa club, your mug puts personality into your beverage. No matter the beverage, we’ve compiled a guide to mugs to help you with all of your mug-related needs.

6. If Babar Were A Barista…

Elephants are equal parts intelligent, beautiful, and powerful. They are the titans of the jungle and they are a reminder of nature’s true strength. Although elephants are stronger than espresso, you can bring their strength into your morning routine with this gorgeous, flowered elephant mug.

Elephant in the Garden Grande Mug


5. I Can’t Find My Mug. OH WAIT, IT’S CAMOUFLAGED!

In today’s landscape of fabrics there is one pattern that sums up the rugged country lifestyle better than the others and we’re not talking about flannel. We’re talking about camo! And this mug says it plain and simple: “My Wife Wears Camo.” For men and women alike, this mug is perfect for a cup of joe on your way to work, or hanging out in your tree-stand. And it’s made in the U.S.A. Just don’t leave it in a pile of leaves or you might not be able to find it again!

My Wife Wears Camo Travel Mug



4. How A Mug Can Help Change The World

As momentum builds in the field of Alzheimer’s research, there are things you can do to help. Every one of these travel mugs purchased funds Alzheimer’s research across America, including renowned institutions like the University of Michigan. Sometimes, doing good is that easy.

Save Memories Share Hope™ Travel Mug


And remember, each mug sold helps someone in need.

Continue to see our top 3 favorite mugs!

3. This “Angry Bird” Is A Bluebird

Have you ever wondered what an angry bluebird looks like? Well, if you ever try to talk to a bluebird, choose your words wisely or you might have to show them the picture on this mug. This bird has some attitude. If you enjoy the sinister stare of a bluebird, or if you just want a good laugh, then let this mug fly into your morning routine.

Mad Bluebird Travel Mug



2. Cats on Cats!

The only thing better than a cat is two cats. And the only thing better than a mug with a cat on it, is another mug with a cat on it! This mug is a game changer with its interlocking cat design. Now you don’t have to choose coffee or tea, you can have them both! Imbibe your daily cat quota with these awesome mugs!

Stacking Cat Mugs


And the number one morning mug is…

 1. A Mug Covered In Puppies, Of Course!

How can one resist the playful charm of over a dozen dogs! If there were ever a cure for “the Mondays,” this is it. Wide eyed and adorable, this mug is saturated with the power of puppies to help you start your week off right.

Cozy Puppies Mug



Each mug sold helps someone in need so buy one today and show off your “muggitude!”

Which mug best captures your personality?

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