Stunning Video Of Berlin Right After WWII. The Image At 5:10 Is Amazing!

The destruction in all parts of Europe during WWII was devastating. Millions upon millions of lives were lost in the fight to stop the Axis’s powers from spreading all over the world. Though WWII ended over 70 years ago, the memories of what the world looked like when the war is over are not only found in grainy, black-and-white film footage.

This remarkable video shows what Berlin looked like just months after WWII ended. It was shot in the summer of 1945 and restored to a stunning 1080p high definition quality.

It is an incredible sight to see such an amazing juxtaposition between the destruction of the war and the citizens going about their day trying to re-establish a sense of normality.

During the video, you see dozens of buildings turned to rubble during the bombing of Berlin as well as what was left of Hitler’s fallen empire.

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