These Third Graders And Their Music Teacher Know Exactly How To Touch Our Hearts. Listen To Them Sing!

“As I look upon the stars and stripes
And her noble history
I am overcome with thankfulness
For all who keep us free

All you’ve given for America
Never will it be in vain
Though we’ve had our share of ups and downs
Our greatness will remain”

We received a note about these amazing third-graders from their music teacher, Mr. Souders. 

Together they created a touching musical tribute written by Angela Souders and Michael Souders. The students learned and recorded an original song to show their appreciation for those who have dedicated their lives in service to our country. 

Their teacher told us, “a ‘thank you’ is not worth much if it doesn’t reach the ears of the people you’re trying to thank,” and asked us to help out.

If you haven’t heard this song yet, please do us a favor and play it a few times.

Veterans, currently enlisted men and women, and families thereof: this one’s for you.

Thanks so much to the students at Tussing Elementary, and to their teacher, for sending this heartfelt message.  We’re glad we could pass it along.

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