Veteran Only Drinks Beer For Lent And Loses A Surprising Amount Of Weight

Del Hall works at Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company. He’s also an observing Catholic. So, he decided to combine the two interests and see where it led.

Taking the advice of venerated Bavarian monks to heart, when the season of Lent began on March 6, Hall was prepared to give something up.

He gave up food. And, so he wouldn’t starve to death, started drinking more.

Over the 40-day season, Hall only drank beer. And not just any old low-calorie swill, but a special brew that would keep his energy, and his spirits, up until Maundy Thursday, April 18.

Source: YouTube/Chasing News
Del Hall works at Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company.

“I’m having so much fun with all this,” Hall told “Fox & Friends First” Tuesday. “Being a beer guy, you always hear this story about the monks in Bavaria, like in the 1600s, that they gave up all solid food for Lent, and they only drank this special kind of beer that they called doppelbock. It’s got a lot of nutrients in it, a lot of carbohydrates, and a lot of sugar.”

Hall put enough time in between rounds to keep himself from feeling intoxicated throughout the day. He let his friends and family know what he was doing, why, and how, on social media. And, he regularly checked in with a doctor to make sure he hadn’t made the wrong decision.

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Hall gave up food for Lent, and only drank beer.

“I always wondered: Is that real? Can you really do that or not?” He said. “So I decided I’d give it a whirl this year and try it out for myself.”

In the process, he even lost 44 pounds.

Source: YouTube/Chasing News
Over 40 days, Hall lost 44 pounds on his beer diet.

Hall told Fox that he was in very good shape earlier in life, during his military career. He once ran a marathon, and graduated at the top of his class in basic training. Working at a brewery may have prompted the veteran to put on a few pounds, but Hall says he’s ready to shed even more weight in light of his recent experience.

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Hall; drank a special kind of beer called dopplebock, and spaced out his rounds, so he wouldn’t feel tipsy.

“After 46 days of not eating food, I feel like I’m well-educated now, and I’m ready to go to battle against obesity,” Hall said. “My health is so much better, my blood pressure, my cholesterol, everything has improved over what I was eating before of the standard American diet.”

“Craft beer is the way to go,” he added.

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