What Do An Artist, A Dentist, And A Bald Eagle Have In Common?

Beauty the bald eagle almost died over the carelessness of a hunter. Her beak was shot off, leaving her unable to clean herself or even eat! She was miraculously saved by a group of conservationists who were able to nurse her back to health.

However, without a beak, Beauty had no chance at being rehabilitated and released. Until technology stepped in.

Thanks to the combined efforts of an artist, a dentist, and a 3D printer, Beauty now has a functional beak! Now she has every chance to returning to her natural habitat and surviving! The video shows the dentist attaching her new beak, as well as an ecstatic Beauty!

Beauty’s story highlights how important it is for us to continue protecting the bald eagle. We have made incredible strides in rejuvenating the population, but there is always more work to do.

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