The Spirit of the Troops Will Never be Forgotten: Re-enactors Bring the Battle of the Bulge to Life

The Battle of the Bulge was a turning point in World War II. Named for the ‘bulge’ it created on the map, it was fought in the Ardennes Forest from December 16th, 1944 to January 25th, 1945. With the battle at the peak of winter, troops not only fought the enemy — they fought the elements.

Harsh conditions made tasks such as digging foxholes near impossible. It even prevented rations of food from being delivered to the front lines. Yet, despite the fatigue, despite the malnutrition, despite the cold, the allied troops fought on, reaching deep within themselves to do so for their country and for their brothers.

So while the military tactics and the battle’s overall impact on the war is certainly something to be studied, what modern-day re-enactors try hardest to capture is the spirit of the troops. They try to place themselves in the exact situations the troops found themselves in, something nearly unheard of today. And, you know what? Even a Battle of the Bulge veteran approves of their efforts.

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