Third Grade Yearbook Photo Turns Into Photobomb Surprise

Do you remember the face you made for your third grade yearbook photo?

An 8-year-old from Durham, North Carolina, is never going to forget.

While he was waiting for the photographer to click, someone unexpectedly entered the room. The photographer gave Joshua a puzzled look. The stranger didn’t seem to want to move out of the shot.

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA
Someone sneaks up behind the backdrop…

“Who’s that in the picture?” The photographer asked.

Looking at the preview screen, Joshua could see. “My dad!” His face lit up.

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA
It was Joshua’s dad, but how could that be?

“Your dad? How is he in the picture?” The photographer continued. “Your dad’s not in the picture. See, right there…”

He pointed behind Joshua, who turned around and shouted with delight.


Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA
What a surprise!

The photobombing, care of Corporal James Bass, was more than welcome, and couldnt have come at a better time. After Bass deployed to Kuwait several months earlier, his son missed him very much.

Source: YouTube/ABC7 WJLA
Homecomings are the best!

Joshua will remember his third grade photo for the rest of his life. The rest of the world may, too. Watch the excitement in the video below!

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