This Surprise Is Epic! Talk About A Slam Dunk!

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Bailey and Meyers Leonard were extremely close brothers all their lives. After the loss of their dad, Bailey stepped up and functioned as the father figure for his younger brother, Meyers Leonard. It was because of their incredibly close relationship that Meyers was devastated when his brother joined the military and left to go serve the country overseas.

Despite the distance, the two stayed close and their relationship remained as strong as ever. While Bailey was overseas with the military, Meyers went to college where he played basketball. Meyers didn’t know it, but his older brother had just returned home from deployment. Hoping to show his younger brother how much he really means to him, Bailey planned a surprise for Meyers during a basketball game warm-up.

The surprise was all caught on camera in the video below, and the emotions certainly weren’t one-sided. Both brothers were equally glad to see one another — Meyers was surprised and Bailey was more than happy to be with his family after being away for so long. You don’t want to miss their priceless reactions!

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