Little Boy’s Dad Is Deployed. He Went To His Neighbor’s Door To Ask A Question They Couldn’t Refuse

After a young boy’s father left on deployment, the child was left heartbroken and missing him dearly.

Nothing could replace his father, nor could he enjoy the activities that often did together. He longed for the days when they would play games together, go on adventures, and all the other fun things young boys and their fathers do.

Since his father was serving in the United States Air Force in Syria, halfway around the world, there was little chance they’d be able to spend much time together – so this little boy came up with an idea.

Young Brian Kelly still wanted to do the fun things he and his father used to do, so he went to a neighbor’s house with a heartwarming request.

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“When Dan (Brian’s dad) gets back, Brian’s going to cry and run to him with open arms,” his mother told Happiest.

But with his father’s return not scheduled for months, how was the boy going to spend his time waiting?

That’s where neighbors Dean and Molly Cravens come in.

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Dean Cravens was doing yard work when he heard the doorbell ring. Coming in through the back door, Cravens found Brian standing on his front porch.

Brian asked if he could help Dean with his yard work. Cravens almost brushed off the request, but then the boy mentioned that he used to do that kind of work with his dad.

Cravens’ heart melted. He welcomed Brian in and showed him what needed to be done.

Now Brian shows up to do “dad stuff” quite regularly. He helps clean up the Cravens’ yard and even stands by Dean’s side and hands him tools when they’re needed.

This new relationship is helping Brian cope with missing his father while he serves in Syria.

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Once Dean realized how often he’d be getting help, he decided they needed to have some fun in their routine, too. Dean has since invited Brian to join him for hikes, golfing, and even a few pick-up basketball games.

Brian isn’t the only one benefiting from this relationship. Dean has three daughters, and typically no one to play golf with. Now, he’s happy to take the young boy along!

Molly Craven posted a heartwarming note about her husband and Brian on social media.

Source: American Web Media

“This is our little neighbor,” Molly wrote. “His dad is deployed in Syria, and every day he comes to the door asking to work with our dad. Appreciate today.”

What father figure do you celebrate in your life?

This story originally appeared at American Web Media by Robert Winthrop.

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