Yellow Lab Who Saved Thousands In Afghanistan Now Up For Distinguished Award

Summer is a very good dog. So good, in fact, she’s responsible for saving the lives of thousands.

Summer worked with the Marines In Afghanistan, where she located bombs and fought back against jihadis, often while under heavy fire.

“She’s been in firefights. She’s found IEDs and VBEDs and it’s just an honor to work [with her],” Sgt. Micah Jones with the Amtrak Police Department, told WJLA. “An animal like that saved thousands and thousands of lives.”

Today, Jones works with the 8-year-old Yellow Labrador at the Washington Union Station as part of a TSA explosives-detection team.

“When I get up and get ready, put my uniform on, I put the harness on, she knows she’s ready to go,” Jones told WJLA.

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition
Summer works on a TSA explosives-detection team at Washington Union Station.

Summer seems to enjoy civilian life, but her service record isn’t something others are willing to dismiss without the proper acknowledgement. After receiving the American Humane Lois Pope K-9 Medal of Courage award earlier in May, Summer is being lauded for her work again, with a nomination for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards in the military category.

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition
Summer and Sgt. Micah Jones.

“It would mean a lot to give her the recognition that she rightfully deserves,” Jones said.

As one of the finalists in the awards, Summer contends with 24 other dogs, each with their own story of bravery and distinction. The first Pit Bull K9 in the State of Kansas, a survivor of the South Korean dog meat trade, a quadruple amputee once left for dead, and several canine military veterans are all vying for the top spot.

Source: YouTube/Inside Edition
Summer is up for an American Humane Hero Dog Award this year.

Voting is now closed but the 2018 finalists will be announced on July 25 at 12 PM Pacific Time.

Jones has a good feeling Summer could win thew award, but he’s proud of her no matter what happens.

“Just the mere fact that she did all that and did all that in the past, I got a real admiration for her,” he said.

Learn more about Summer and her previous award in the video below.

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