For Veterans, Talking To Family Can Really Help

When a loved one returns from their time overseas, they often have a difficult time assimilating back into their old life. Often, the ones they are hurting are not just themselves. For the family in this video, the family unit was struggling because of the challenges they were facing.

Once this Marine realized that his personal struggles were affecting his fiance and children, he decided to reach out for help. His patient fiance supported his journey by learning the tools he needed to manage his challenges, and standing by his side while he progressed.

So many veterans come home from tours of duty still carrying the battlefield with them, whether that is in the form of physical injuries, psychological trauma, or disturbing memories. Even the veterans who are unscathed by military service should talk to family members and those closest to them about their experiences. This not only allows the veteran to open up about any problems (conscious or unconscious) they may be having, but also lets family and friends start to understand what the veteran has been through during their service.

Opening up to family or friends is not always an easy thing to do, but it is the right thing to do.

Hear this family’s story in the video below.

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