With Training Like This, It’s No Wonder Marines Are So Elite

As part of Exercise Steel Knight — an annual training regimen that allows for exploration and refinement of tactics — Marines with 1st Battalion, 11th Marine regiment put its warriors and weapons to the test.

This is special artillery training that gives Marines the chance to perfect their skills with a number of weapons, artillery, and tactics. They must work together is one single, cohesive unit to keep the artillery firing quickly and accurately, with each Marine doing their part.

It is practice and training like this that makes the United States Marines Corps one of the most elite military forces on the planet. The dedication to their work, including precious and accuracy, matters just as much during training as it will on the actual battlefield.

Loud? Yes. Intense? You bet. But as you’ll see in the video, this is the kind of training that keeps our Marines elite.

Watch this video of Marines training during Exercise Steel Knight!

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