Army Dad Dresses As Referee To Surprise His Son During Football Game

Not only is it hard on the person in the military when they’re deployed for a long period of time, but it’s also difficult for their family.

Being a part for months and sometimes years at a time can really take a toll on people. That’s why it’s always a special moment when it finally comes time to reunite.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

When it was the for Major Fred Grooms Jr. to return home from his year-long deployment in Kuwait, he thought of the perfect way to surprise his son, Fred Grooms III.

Grooms III plays football for his high school in Helena, Alabama, so his dad decided that he would dress up as a referee and surprise him during the game.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

The heartwarming moment was caught on video, which you can watch below. In the video, you’ll see Grooms III walking onto the field with the rest of the players for introductions.

One of the referees told him to make sure they got a good look at the other refs.

Photo: YouTube/NBC News

Grooms III didn’t put two and two together until he realized that the ref standing directly in front of him was his dad. He was so ecstatic to see him, shook his hand and gave him a big hug as the fans cheered for them.

Seeing his dad was a referee was one of the last things Grooms III expected, which made the surprise even sweeter. I’m sure this is a football game he’ll never forget!

Watch their touching reunion in the video below:

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