Beautiful Song Inspired By Love Letters During War

The heartache of separation due to war can not be stressed enough. Couples spend months on end apart from one another. The separation isn’t just physical, however. Time passes by during deployments, including special life moments. There is also the constant worrying about the other person, as well. Not knowing whether they are safe, or even when they will be seen again is a heavy burden to bear.

This beautiful original song by Alana Patmore was inspired by her grandparents, who both served during World War II. The letters that her grandparents sent to one another during the war, and the effect that had on their relationship, opened her eyes to what that must have been like for them, what it must be like for military families today, and inspired Alana to write this song.

The song touches on the emotional turmoil of those left behind at home, waiting for their soldiers to return home safely.

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