Angelina Jolie Does More Than Just Listen to the Stories of Displaced Iraqis; She Feels Their Stories

Angelina Jolie may just be Wonder Woman. Despite how busy she must be — as an actress, filmmaker, wife, mother, humanitarian, and all-around superhero — she recently took the time to visit a refugee camp in Khanke, Iraq, a camp that in September 2014 saw its population quadruple, due to the advance of Islamic State fighters.


As you’ll see in the video, what Jolie found within the Iraqi refugees were stories. Stories of men, stories of women, of children, of families, and all that they were forced to leave behind. Stories of tragedy, yes — stories that cannot be dismissed — but Jolie also listened to stories of hope, that the refugees will find ways to get through what remains of this bleak winter, that separated families will soon be reunited, and that, together, they all will return home.

As you heard at the end of the video, Angelina Jolie’s next visit is to Syrian refugee camps, where millions of Syrians remain displaced and with little hope of returning to the homes they  were forced to leave long ago.

In that time span, they have received much-needed aid. The bulk of that aid, however, as we covered in a previous post, is dwindling.

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