This Mom Got The Best Surprise In The World When Her Son Showed Up At Her Work

Moms probably have one of the hardest times in the world when their sons and daughters make the conscious decision to go off to war and serve in the United States military to help protect and serve their country. It’s even worse when they think that they won’t be seeing their children for extremely long periods of time.

So when this soldier told his mom that he was heading to Germany during his time off, she definitely did not expect to see him anytime soon, let alone a surprise as wonderful as this.

Donna thought that Scott was going to Germany on his time off, but little did she know that he had actually planned one of the best surprises of her life when he showed up and was sitting in an exam chair at her work place.

Check out the video below because this is one of the best reactions from a family member we have seen in a while! You can almost feel the happiness coming through your screen!

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