A Nation is Born: Victory at Yorktown, 1781

What was needed to finally get the British to give up during the Revolutionary War? Would it shock you to learn that part of it is due to the French?

This exciting video talks about the last year of the Revolutionary War.

It really drives home the importance of the Battle of Yorktown, the skirmish that ended the war and established our freedom from England.

The video, using footage from war reenactments and various visual aides (maps, portraits, etc.) takes a look at the support of our French allies and examines how the efforts helped our brave men defeat the British.

It is amazing to think about the inter-connected relationship America has with England and France. In fact, you could say that, thanks to the rivalry that always existed between England and France, our independence from British rule was bound to happen sooner or later.

It’s a wonderfully entertaining history lesson. Enjoy!

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