American Idol Contestant Sings Her Heart Out! Watch What The Judges Do!

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Watching American Idol in its last season they are showing more quality singers and less of the unskilled singers like they did in the past. That brings us to Tristan, who is a 15-year old singer who has been waiting to audition for American Idol since she was 10. Nervous as anyone would be she sings her heart out. As the Judges normally do they ask a few questions after to get to know the performer a little more, in this case they even have a letter to read to her. The judges start to tear up as they read the letter from her mom who could not be there for her audition due to her deployment. Tristan is singing for her mom who is currently over seas or so she thinks.

Watch as Tristian amazes us with her voice but thats not the only amazing thing that happens in this video.

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Paul has been an actor/director in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years and is very active in the MN theater community. His kid is really cool! You can find his blog at "Parental Writes" blog.
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