Veterans’ Stories Being Collected For Future Generations

Our country is full of heroes who’ve fought for our freedom. They all have their individual stories of heroism, sacrifice, and patriotism. These are stories that need to be heard and passed on to the next generation, but many of our older veterans are passing away and their stories are going with them.

That’s where the Missouri Veteran Stories program comes in.

The program, part of a state initiative to preserve our country’s proud military history, is interviewing veterans and recording their stories. Missouri is the leading state in such a venture, with other states conducting similar projects to record their veterans’ stories. But according to Missouri Veteran Stories, it’s a “race against time.”

The recorded interviews with veterans talking about their experiences in the military and fighting in wars spanning decades are available to watch online at their website, as well as at the state capitol building and elsewhere.

Some of these stories are being told for the very first time. All of them need to be heard.

Listen to some of these veterans’ stories in the video below.

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