Veterans’ Stories Of Courage Should Never Be Forgotten

It’s America’s military and veterans who have held together our country’s freedom for over 200 years. That remains true to this day. The brave men and women of the Armed Forces risk everything for those of us back home, and the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy. All veterans have sacrificed something for their country, and far too many have given the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives.

Unfortunately, there are so many stories of bravery, courage, and valor that go unheard. Whether veterans keep these stories to themselves or there just aren’t listening ears to hear them, so many amazing acts of courage have never been heard. Those true stories, and the brave men and women in them, are the reason we enjoy the freedoms that we have today.

Thankfully for us, and for future generations, some of these stories are being recorded and preserved for others to hear. In the video below, several veterans share their own personal stories of service in the military and give a firsthand account of what it was like to be in war. Let’s thank our troops for all they’ve done for us!

Listen to these stories of service and the sacrifices laid down for our freedom.

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