She Is Beyond Thrilled to Have Her Papa Home

The family not being together is one of the hardest aspects of being a military family. It breaks our heart to think about all the little kids who don’t see their father or mother for months on end.

This two-year-old girl just can’t wait for her dad to be back home so they can read and play together again. She even wore a camouflage dress just like her daddy’s uniform for their reunion.

Dad has been away for six months and to any two year old that has to feel like their whole life.

Waiting with her mother at the airport, she spots her father (a Blackhawk pilot) walking toward them after getting off his flight home. From there, it’s a full-out sprint into her father’s arms!

Her adorable legs could not be moving any faster, with a smile that goes ear to ear you know she is the happiest kid in the whole airport, knowing that dad is finally home.

And let’s not forget about mom who is right behind her with arms open waiting for her hug and kiss from dad. Welcome home, Sir!

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