If You Think It Looks Powerful In The Sky, Just Wait Until it Lands!

We’ve known for some time that our military is more than capable of designing, and using, advanced equipment. That said, we weren’t expecting to see something this awesome. The F-18 Fighting Falcon is one of the standard military aircraft used by the United States Armed Forces, and both its flying and fighting power are unbelievable. There is a distinct reason why the United States Air Force is the most powerful in the world, and the F-18 has a lot to do with that.

There is some amazing footage of the Air Force’s fighter jets in action up in the air, cruising through the air at tens of thousands of feet up. But to get a real sense of the raw power behind the F-18 Fighting Falcon – without being near one in person, of course – it helps to have some scale and perspective to go along with it.

In this video you can watch an F-18 fighter jet land on its carrier, the U.S.S. George Washington! As it comes in for its precision landing on the carrier’s small air strip, you can see just how fast the jet really moves, and then you get to hear the jets themselves. There’s really just nothing to match that kind of raw power!

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