Air Force Mom Shows Up At Daughters’ School To Surprise Them After 6 Months Apart

Senior Airman Kaitlin Montespina had been away from her twin daughters for more than six months while she was deployed in Qatar as a surgical tech in the Air Force.

While it was a great experience and Montespina knew she was doing it for a good cause and fighting for our country, being away from her daughters took a toll on her.

Photo: YouTube/ABC13 Houston

Thankfully, her kids have a great support system, as well as a great school that they attend, which made Montespina’s time away more bearable.

When it was finally time for Montespina to come home, she knew she wanted to surprise her daughters, five-year-olds Makayla and Layla, and decided to do it while they were at school.

Photo: YouTube/ABC13 Houston

Students at their school, Northgate Crossing Elementary School, welcomed Montespina as their special guest to read a book through video. Little did the twins know, their mom was there in real life.

After the reading was done, Makayla and Layla were both brought up on stage. That’s when their mother walked out to reveal that she was not just on video, but was finally home.

Photo: YouTube/ABC13 Houston

Their reunion consisted of happiness, laughs and tears. The three of them are beyond happy to finally be together again.

“Being away from my daughters was not easy, but I know they had a really great support system and I love the school that they’re at now,” Montespina said. “I’m just very appreciative of all of you guys.”

Watch the heartwarming surprise reunion in the video below:

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