The Air Force Has a New Demonstration Team, And A Slick New Fighter Jet

This video gives you a clear sense of the awesome flight agility and skills of the F-35A Lightning II fighter plane. The Air Force has finally put together a demonstration team to show off these capabilities at air shows and other events across the country this year, similar to what the Blue Angels do for the Navy currently with F-18s

You will get a good sense not only of the flight capabilities but of this fighters war fighting assets from the pilots who have been and are currently flying this new 5th generation fighter jet. You will also get some of the details of how these fighters can be used and what they can carry and into what kind of environments they can be deployed by watching this video.

Source: YouTube/Defense News
The new F-35A Lightning II fighter is truly impressive.

The model you will see here is the one designed for the United States Air Force. The Navy/Marine Corps version is slightly different in that it has to have bigger landing gear and bigger wings that have been specifically designed to deal with the physical demands of take-off and landing on aircraft carriers, but both bring the same capacities and war fighting skills to the battle field.

Source: YouTube/Defense News
This jet is capable of tight maneuvering and carries incredible firepower.

The Air Force seems pretty excited about this new F-35A fighter demonstration team.

Source: YouTube/Defense News
The F-35A Lightning II fighter flies fast and agile.

I think you will see why when you see what this plane can do in the air. Enjoy.

Dan Doyle

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