Meet A Few Dedicated African American Heroes From WWII to Vietnam

The second video concerns the Korean War.

Because of the bravery and effectiveness of the African American soldiers in WWII, and because of an executive order by President Harry S. Truman, the Army was ordered to integrate all units. So, when the Korean War broke out, Black soldiers were fully integrated into all of the Army’s fighting units.

As you will see, they proved themselves once again, several would be awarded the Medal of Honor for their courageous conduct on the field of battle.

You will meet a handful of them in this video. One of the heroes spoken about is Jesse L. Brown, the first Black fighter pilot in the US Army. I wrote about him and his wingman Thomas J. Hudson in an earlier article.

Source: YouTube/HaansonC
The U.S. Army was first desegregated during the Korean War.

Hudson, a white pilot, would risk his own plane and life, crash landing his own plane in an attempt to help Brown whose plane had crashed behind enemy lines. Hudson would be awarded a Medal of Honor for what he did for Brown on the day that he died.

Both would have Navy ships named after them.

Source: YouTube/HaansonC
African Americans serving in the Korean War.

As many as 600,000 African Americans would fight in Korea. 5,000 would be killed in action over the three years of that war.

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