The 100th Air Squadron: History and the Present

You’re about to learn what it is like to be a fighter pilot in a wartime environment. You will encounter here men of purpose, character and commitment, who know their jobs, and their history. They honor it, under great pressure, with their skills, experience, and dedication on a daily basis.

These fighter pilots are crucial to the troops on the ground and are constantly cycling through a complex and difficult decision-making process to support them. It is not just about roaring in and dropping bombs or making strafing runs like in the movies. There are morally weighted decisions that have to be made in a matter of seconds, taking into consideration the immediate security of our own troops on the ground, and the troubling dilemma of potential, innocent, human, collateral damage. It is not easy, but you will see how these pilots handle these things with calm, care, and well-honed skills.

You will also learn some very recognizable history here, too. The unit covered in this video is the direct descendent of the Red Tails, the Tuskeegee Airmen. They are an Air Force National Guard unit from Alabama. They take pride in their history and in representing their state.

While the pilots are the drivers and the front line elements, they are backed by highly trained and dedicated ground crews who know how to take good care of these complex fighter jets.

Enjoy this video and remember that at this moment we have forward deployed units like this and so many others who are still in the fight in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. Keep them in your prayers. They deserve our respect and our prayers.

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