Soldier Travels Across Country & Poses As Customer To Surprise His Mom At Her Job

Sgt. Adam Mazzeo of the United States Army has been stationed in Riverside, California for the past eight months.

Mazzeo and his mother, Helen Beveridge, have a very close relationship, so being across the country from her has been very difficult for them both. His mom resides in Rochester, New York, where she works as a waitress at Pixley’s Restaurant.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

When Mazzeo heard he was finally able to go home to Rochester, he knew he wanted to come up with a special plan to surprise his mom.

He decided to surprise her while she was at work, where she least expected it.

The heartwarming reunion was caught on video, which you could watch below.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

In the video, you’ll see Mazzeo’s mom approach the table to take their orders. She asks the customers how their day is, but has no idea that one of them is her son since he is wearing a hat and trying to be discreet.

As soon as he responds with “I’m doing better,” she immediately looks at him and her jaw drops. As soon as she releases that it’s her son and not a customer, she screams and gives him the biggest hug.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“He touches so many people, this kid still opens the door for me,” Beveridge told WHEC. “There is always some surprise, some positive thing, he just loves me so much and I love him to death, I do.”

Mazzeo will continue to be stationed in California for a while, but will visit Rochester every chance he gets.

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