Experience Life Aboard The Ultra Modern Missile Destroyer, The USS Zumwalt

The USS Zumwalt is the first of its kind in this new class of guided missile destroyers. If you have never seen what the Zumwalt Class guided missile destroyers look like, this is your chance to get a glimpse at this stealth-designed warship from every angle, inside and out.

The USS Zumwalt is designed to be a multi-mission ship with its focus on up close to shore capabilities. It has firepower, speed, and can bring Marines, or Special Operators, up close to shore and deliver them to their missions as well as provide fire support.

Source: YouTube/AiirSource Military
Source: YouTube/AiirSource Military

These Zumwalt Class ships look like no other Navy ship you have ever seen before. They are designed in this way to mask their profiles to radar. Their radar cross-section profiles come across looking like a fishing boat, despite their very large size.

This video will give you some insight into what this ship looks like inside, and what life is like aboard her. You will be impressed by the diversity of jobs and skills that are needed aboard her, and at her multi-task capabilities. Enjoy!

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