Marine Talks Honestly About The Personal Toll Of War

Frank, a U.S. Marine, served for eight years in the Marine Corps, rising through the ranks to become a section leader. However, after multiple deployments and seeing friends and fellow Marines injured and killed in combat, war began to take a toll on him psychologically. He describes feeling distant and angry, unable to sleep, and arguing constantly with his wife. And things weren’t getting better.

At his wife’s request, Frank sought outside support in order to get his anger and stress under control. The Marine veteran says in the video below that getting that help was the best thing he could have done. “They challenged me,” he says. “They showed me ways and techniques to make me better — to show me, “hey, it’s okay. You’re not alone.”

Many others who have served time overseas face the same issues upon returning to the home from combat. Frank credits the help he received from trained professionals, as well as the support from his loved ones and wife as to how he got back to enjoying life after his service.

Listen in the video below to this Marine open up about his personal struggles and his journey to overcome them.

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