American Soldier: A Song For The Military

Here’s to the many brave men and women who sacrifice their lives out on the front line for our country’s freedom.

We appreciate and admire your dedication and wish you all a safe journey back home to your families!

This tribute video is presented with the Toby Keith song, “American Soldier”. The song is about an American in the Army Reserves. He receives a call telling him that he is being called into Active Duty for the military.

As he gets dressed and packs his bags for deployment, he thinks about soldiers from different battles and time periods, notably the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and Iraq War.

The song states that every member of the military exemplifies the traits of an American soldier: just, loyal, fearless and brave.

Later on, the soldier and his family arrives at a U.S. military base where he will be flown off to training camp. After saying goodbye to his wife and children, he boards a cargo plane, ready to serve his country.

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