Soldier Goes on Television After Four Deployments, Doesn’t Know Family Is Standing Right Behind Him

We’ve seen a lot of surprise reunion videos where the soldier surprises his loved ones at home or at school, and they are absolutely wonderful to watch. Some of the most heartwarming and uplifting videos involve a knock on the front door or an appearance at a sports event. But here’s one for the history books, as a soldier’s family decides to go a different direction with surprise reunions…

It’s usually the soldier who surprises his family, but in this case, it’s the family who decides to surprise their soldier by showing up to the location where he’s doing a TV interview. He has no idea they’re going to be standing right behind him.

Photo: YouTube/grabagething

U.S. Army Capt. Gerardo Garcia came home to the states from Afghanistan and was set to record a holiday greeting for his fellow brothers and sisters still overseas. With the help of ABC’s Good Morning America, his family took the opportunity to reunite with their husband and father, the man who is truly their hero.

Photo: YouTube/grabagething

Just wait until you see this. The interviewer asks Captain Garcia to turn around, but the choppy connection prevents him from hearing at first. When he finally gets the memo, he reluctantly turns around but keeps looking back at the camera, trying to understand what he’s supposed to do.

Photo: YouTube/grabagething

It takes a second for him to realize, but then…

Photo: YouTube/grabagething

The look of shock and happiness on all of their faces when they finally see each other will warm your heart. This will no doubt be remembered as one of the happiest reunions for this family.

This is one of the best reunion videos we’ve ever seen. Watch NOW!

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