I’ve Seen A Lot Of Reunion Videos, But None Quite Like This!

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We’ve seen a lot of surprise reunion videos where the soldier surprises his loved ones at home or at school, and they are absolutely wonderful to watch. Some are as heartwarming as a knock on the front door, or as uplifting as an appearance at a sports event. But here’s one for the history books, as a soldier’s family decides to go a different direction with surprise reunions…

In December 2012, US Army Capt. Gerardo Garcia came home from Afghanistan and was set to record a holiday greeting for his fellow brothers and sisters still overseas. With the help of ABC’s Good Morning America, his family took the opportunity to reunite with their hero and father. The look of shock and happiness on all of their faces tell so much more, and this will no doubt be remembered as one of the happiest reunions for this family.

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