A Marine 1st Lt. Returns Home from Afghanistan To An Emotional Reception

Whenever a member of the military is finally able to return home to friends and family, it should be an occasion for celebration and joy. They all deserve to be welcomed home in a way that respects what they have been doing to protect the United States of America. And that is exactly what happened for this USMC 1st Lt. coming back from Afghanistan.

Imagine getting off a plane at your home airport and start walking towards baggage claim and suddenly see an entire crowd holding up the flag you swore to protect, cheering for you, and giving you one of the warmest welcomes around!

This homecoming is a delight to witness, and a reminder that Semper Fi, the Marine motto, also applies to the families who faithfully wait for their loved ones to return home. We wish this military family many happy years together.

Welcome home, Marine! And thank you for your service!

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