A Furry Hero: Dexter Comes Home

Soldiers all across the country are constantly honored for their service to our wonderful country. But what about the ones who aren’t actually people? This 10-year-old german shepherd named Dexter did incredible things while he served our country abroad, some of which are impossible for his fellow human soldiers.

Thanks to his amazing efforts, Dexter was able to save thousands of lives by detecting an entire truck full of C4 explosives that were ready to be detonated next to a massive United States military base overseas.

The typical workload for a dog like Dexter is around 15 hours a day for six years straight. This work utilizes the dog’s’ strengths and intense training regimen so that it can best serve the people it is working with and around.

With four paws, a tail, and the heart of a hero this pup definitely deserved the incredible homecoming welcome he received when he finally came back to U.S. soil.

Check out the video below!

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